✰ Welcome to Rockland County School District! ✰
~ Home of the Rockland River Bandits ~


Rockland County School District is located in Cocoa Bay Estates in Second Life. Home of the Rockland River Bandits, the district offers both an elementary school for grades Pre K – 8 and a high school for grades 9 – 12 which strives for an educational role play to give a creative and fun environment for the children of Second Life.


Rockland County strives to offer the best education in Second Life with a fun and creative environment completely FREE of cost! If you were to look at any other schools, many or most cost linden to be a student of. We don’t believe that there should be any cost in wanting to have a fun place to role play!


The Rockland County School District is always hiring for the next semester! If you are interested in a position please contact the principal of the school in which you’d like to teach at. If there is a class or subject we are not currently offering that you would like to teach, please let us know!